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Season 1, Episode 1          June 30, 2016

SANDRA ALLEN is commissioned by a local scientist to create a painting using refined human sewage, otherwise known as biosolids. Allen's process is not only innovative but it also symbolizes environmental sustainability and opens up new avenues for environmental art.

STEVE WAND brings the first Bitcoin ATM to KW. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the first of it's kind and is quickly gaining acceptance around the world as a safe, secure, and alternative way to move your money. Wand explains how Bitcoin impacts businesses, big banks, credit card companies, and the way we look at money currencies in general.

MIROKI TONG is a performer and artistic director based in Kitchener. A passionate opera-metal singer and actor, Tong explains the sometimes challenging marriage between art and commerce.


Season 1, Episode 2          July 7, 2016

CORAL ANDREWS is a Radio host for CKWR 98.5 in Kitchener. Promoting and nurturing artists in the community for 35 years, Andrews tells So That's My Story how she got her start in the media business and eventually ended up with two dream jobs.

JASON BRACEY takes us on an Owl Prowl along the Grand River. The Cambridge high school teacher shares his knowledge of Southern Ontario's most fascinating night creature with an attentive crowd at the rare Eco Centre. Teaching the public about the local eco systems in Waterloo Region, Bracey encourages hands on learning for children and adults when it comes to nature and the outdoors.


Season 1, Episode 3          July 14, 2016

KIRSTIE HERBSTREIT is a local chef and co-owner of The Culinary Studio. Offering cooking classes, take-out lunches, corporate team building, and event space, The Culinary Studio is a one of a kind in Waterloo Region. Herbstreit tells So That’s My Story why she was inspired to a open studio and teach others to cook.

ZHAOYI KANG is a performance artist and student at the University of Toronto. Kang brings his installation, “Zhaoyi Kang, The Well” to Kitchener and explains the meaning behind building a well of bananas around himself.


Season 1, Episode 4           July 21, 2016

PATRICK WEY documents his personal journey through 40 years of photography. The artist and photographer reflects on his early years as an artist in Kitchener-Waterloo during the 60's and 70's.

Wey tells So That’s My Story about his travels hitch-hiking through the US and Mexico, his passion for analog photo manipulation, and introduces us to some of the fascination people he has photographed.



Season 1, Episode 5           July 28, 2016

GARRY MAHN shows his extensive Elvis memorabilia collection.  A collector for 40 years Mahn talks about the adventure of hunting for rare items at flee markets and festivals all over North America.  The retired principal of 32 years shows some of his favourite finds from an authentic first release record to a pair of autographed drum sticks.



Season 1, Episode 6        August 4, 2016

FRACTION is a hip hop performer and DJ based in Kitchener. The local rapper won critical acclaim in 2012 for his collaboration with Fresh Kils entitled, Extra Science. Otherwise known as Shawn McDaid, the multi-talented producer talks to "So That's My Story " about his musical journey and the humble beginnings of the Canadian Hip hop industry.


Season 1, Episode 7      August 11, 2016

CHANAKYA RAMDEV is an international student in the University of Waterloo's engineering program. Ramdev is also an inventor and entrepreneur who has recently founded a company called Sweat Free Apparel.

As part of the Velocity Science program , a start up incubator funded by the university, Ramdev has been able to build a prototype for his invention and is now in the process of patenting and manufacturing his product - the sweat free undershirt. As an international student from India, the young entrepreneur explains why he chose Waterloo to study, work and live.


RYAN HICKEY - eleven-x

Season 1, Episode 8      August 18, 2016

RYAN HICKEY is the CEO and co-founder of eleven-x, a Waterloo company that is currently building a Canada-wide low powered network to collect and mange data from wireless sensors. Hickey explains that IOT or "the internet of things" is going to change the way people live their lives and operate their businesses.

Ryan Hickey and Fraser Gibbs were Technical Directors in the BlackBerry Wireless Group, and veterans in developing both hardware and software for mobile data. When the entire department was let go in March 2014, Ryan and Fraser saw it as an opportunity to build a highly-skilled team to produce world-class wireless solutions..



Season 1, Episode 9   September 8, 2016

JAMES HOBSON has been called everything from "Kitchener's Iron Man" to Canada's Bionic engineer, but really "The Hacksmith" is an inventor. Hobson recently quit his job to focus on his inventions and his Youtube station. The Hacksmith takes prop ideas from movies and makes them real.

From a working Captain American magnetic shield to an Iron Man flight suit, Hobson designs and builds prototypes using 3D printers. Nearing a million subscribers on his Youtube channel the Kitchener based creator was recently invited to give a TEDx talk in Kansas City..



Season 1, Episode 10 September 22, 2016

DAVID TYSON LAM is a film director and developer on Wall street. After graduating from the University of Waterloo, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, the self-proclaimed “Techie/Artist” received a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Graduate Acting program at NYU.
Lam talks with “So That’s My Story” about his latest production, “Viral Beauty”.



Season 1, Episode 11 November 17, 2016

Stu Siegel is the CEO of Hockey Tech, a Waterloo based company and world leader in hockey analytics. Providing the NHL and other elite hockey leagues with digital services such as stat collection, scouting database management, and cutting-edge monitoring systems, Hockey Tech is changing the sport and business of hockey.

Siegel tells "So That's My Story" how he combined his experience in the field of digital information with his passion for the game to create a world-leading company in hockey-related technologies and information services.


BARDISH CHAGGER - Waterloo's Rising Star

Season 1, Episode 12, February 7, 2017

The Honourable Bardish Chagger chats with “So That’s My Story” Producer David Ward about business in Waterloo Region and how it relates to her roles in Ottawa.

Not only is Chagger the MP for Waterloo, she is also the Minister of Small Business and Tourism, and serves as The Leader of the Government in The House of Commons.



Season 1, Episode 13, March, 2017

Salus Marine Wear is Canada’s leading maker of life jackets and PFD’s. Owner Steve Wagner talks with “So That’s My Story” about an opportunity he seized on in the sporting equipment and sewing industry.

Following a successful career designing hockey equipment for Cooper, Bauer and Nike, Wagner founded Salus Marine Wear and set up shop in a century-old refurbished warehouse in Waterloo Ontario. Seventeen years later his company is an industry leader and continues to grow.